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Check-in Printers

You can add as many check-in printers as you require, attached to any number of computers, and assign each label that you print for each different profile to go to a specific printer. To view currently enabled Check-in printers, go to Site Settings > Events > Check-in Printers.

Supported printers

The labels that are currently available are designed for Brother QL-700 / QL-810W and Dymo LabelWriter 450 series / Wireless printers. However, they may well work fine with any other label printer that has a standard Windows / Mac printer driver and labels of a similar size / height & width ratio. If you are having difficulty using Check-in with a different model of label printer, please email and we’ll do our best to help – but we would recommend using either one of the Brother printers (QL-700 USB or QL-810W WiFi).

Adding a Check-in printer

  • Install the printer on your Windows / Mac computer
  • Install the Hubb Print Connector on the computer
    • Windows version available for direct download
    • Please contact us for the Mac version
  • Log-in to the Hubb Print Connector with the email & password found under Site Settings > Events > Check-in Printers page
  • All the printers available on that computer will be listed on the Check-in Printers page if you refresh after a few seconds, and they are then available to be assigned in Check-in Profile settings or manually at any kiosk.

Removing a Check-in printer

  • Delete the printer from your Windows / Mac computer, or
  • If you don’t want any printers to be available for Check-in from that computer, uninstall the Hubb Print Connector from that computer.
  • If you have old printers still showing on the Check-in Printers page, you can remove them by clicking the red delete icon to the right of each printer.
    • If you do this for a printer that is still available, or on a computer that still has the Hubb Print Connector running, then the printer will simply re-appear the next time that Hubb Print Connector sends an updated list to our servers.

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