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check-in profiles 

These are groups of settings that you can specify when you assign a group to an Event for Check-in.

Basic Settings


  • Whether or not this profile can be selected for current check-ins or if it is archived (remains on one or more old check-ins but cannot be selected for current ones).

Separate registration & check-in

  • Check-in uses a 3-part process: Register (and print labels), Check-in (handover responsibility of child to church), Check-out (return child to parent). If people arrive at your handover point slowly, you may want to keep it simple and have them Register and Check-in in one go. But if people arrive all at once (e.g. children start the main meeting with their guardians) you may want people to Register beforehand. That way you can spend time registering guests and getting labels printed with plenty of time, and then at the handover point later all you need to do is scan a barcode to check people in.

Allow guests

  • Whether to allow new guest registrations at the kiosk. If not, then only people who are already members of the check-in groups in your database will be able to check-in to the event.

Enable check-out

  • Allow attendees to be checked-out by scanning their label / e-ticket or tapping the check-out button on the Leader Register.
  • The summary email will include a note about people who weren’t checked-out at the end of the event.

Gender specific group

  • If the group is intended only for boys or girls (or men or women) then you can set that here. When new guests register at the kiosk, the auto-selected group will take this into account (although they could still change it manually).

Terms and Conditions
  • If you require people joining this type of group to accept some terms & conditions you can specify them here. This will apply to both new guests and existing group members.

Show MADI popup alert during check-in

  • When ticked, a pop-up alert window is shown during check-in (either via the register or via barcode scan) if the attendee(s) have any info in their MADI custom field.

For children’s groups:

Allow guest children
  • If this is ticked, existing families can add additional children at the kiosk

Age range

If the group is intended only for children within a certain age range, you can specify it here. When new guests register at the kiosk, the auto-selected group will take this into account (although they could still change it manually).

Age Rollover Date

  • This is the date at which the age of the child should be calculated to fit into the above range. For example, if the range is 2-3 and the rollover date is September 1 then the child must have been either 2 or 3 on the previous September 1.

Always copy SMS to this number

  • If a number is entered here, any guardian alert text messages for groups with this profile will be sent to both the guardian (as usual) and a duplicate copy to this number.

Use event name instead of group name in SMS

  • The normal format for a guardian alert text message is “Please attend to [child name] in [group name]”, but if this box is ticked, the event name is used instead of the group name.


When each check-in closes, a summary email can be sent. The recipients can be set here.

Missed events before non-attendance warning
  • By default, Check-in Close Summary emails list any attendees who have been to at least one event in the event series, but have missed the last two, so that you can follow-up with them if you wish. This is the number of consecutive weeks an attendee must be absent before this warning is triggered.

Label categories and quantities

You can specify any number of any type of label to be printed for groups that use this profile. For example, groups that use a “Creche” profile could print a name, guardian and nappy bag label for each child, while groups that use a “Youth” profile might only print a name label.

Additional profile information to collect

Certain information is collected by default depending on group type (e.g. name), but if you want to collect more details you can specify them here.

Custom user fields

In addition to the profile information above, you can also collect information in custom fields. For example, you may wish to collect contact details for each child's doctor. These can be specified here.

Consent questions

You can also collect consent. For example, you may wish to collect permission for children to be included in photographs used in church publicity. These can be specified here. For more information see the GDPR information about setting up Consent Questions.